Hot Water

A hot water cylinder can be found in most homes across the UK. Hot water cylinders are commonly used to ensure copious amounts of stored hot water is available on demand for baths, showers and kitchen use. The cylinder most suitable for your home will depend largely on how much water you intend to use throughout the course of a single day and the type of boiler system you have.

Alternativley Direct-fired storage water heaters and Electric water heaters can be installed in many different locations within your premises.

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Electric Water Heaters

mtbuxton plumbing and hot water

Electric water heaters can easily be connected to a mains water supply and mounted on the wall. Some models can also be installed under sinks with no need for specialised taps.

Continuous Flow Water Heaters

mtbuxton plumbing and hot water

The Worcester Greenspring Continuous Flow Water Heater is the perfect solution for large domestic as well as small, medium and large commercial applications that use multiple sinks, baths and showers.

This water heater can be installed in single units or multiple cascades of up to 12 units.


Gas Fired Storage Water Heaters

mtbuxton plumbing and hot water

These water heaters include integral storage vessel, burner and controls and can be installed in multiples in order to meet high hot water demand applications.

Uvented Hot Water Cylinders

mtbuxton plumbing and hot water

Unvented hot water cylinders are now the most popular option for new hot water systems and operate at the same mains pressure as the incoming cold water supply (typically 3 bar or so) and therefore provide excellent water flow rates without requiring an header tank in the loft space or additional pumps.